Hardware Support

Supported 802.15.4 Transceiver

Transceiver Supported Driver Bus Where to buy
adf7242 yes adf7242 SPI or PMOD Analog
at86rf212 yes at86rf230 SPI aliexpress
at86rf212b yes at86rf230 SPI digikey
at86rf230 no   SPI  
at86rf231 yes at86rf230 SPI atben Out of stock.
at86rf233 yes at86rf230 SPI openlabs, digikey
atusb yes atusb USB Sysmocom
ca8210 yes ca8210 SPI Cascoda
cc2420 no out of tree SPI aliexpress
cc2520 yes cc2520 SPI aliexpress
cc2531 no   USB aliexpress
mcr20a yes mcr20a SPI NXP
mrf24j40 yes mrf24j40 SPI aliexpress
RZUSBstick yes atusb USB element14
Xbee no out of tree UART sparkfun

Boards with Transceivers

Name Transceiver Website
Ci40 ca8210 Creator Ci40
blixten cc2520 jopee